Tenant Profile: Ben Henzell

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What do you do?
I run a digital advertising agency called BFJ Media

How long have you been at Lightspace?
I’ve been here for 5 years now, time flies!

What’s the best thing about coworking?
In this industry there are a lot of very talented people who freelance to agencies or directly to clients. Co working provides flexibility to build different teams for each project. That means the client end’s up with a specialist team for their job. It also means I get to work with new people regularly.

What’s the best thing about Lightspace?
Lightspace attracts a lot of creative people who either run their own businesses, or work for small to medium sized companies. It’s the kind space that clients want to come to for meetings, or friends want to visit just to be part of the atmosphere.

I hear Lightspace is dog friendly?
It is. One of the benefits of Lightspace is we can bring in our furry friends. I bring in my dog Peggy-Sue. Needless to say she’s living a pretty good life coming in to a space like this to play with dogs and get more pats. It’s actually really quite interesting to see the effects dog’s have on people whilst at work. I’m certain people are a lot more relaxed with them around!

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