We have desks

Our beautiful desks have arrived courtesy of Jason at Objx in the Valley.  They are very sturdy, heavy (I can assure you!), contrast magnificently with the polished wooden floor and will hopefully lend many hours of creative joy to those lucky creatives creative enough to book a spot creating spontaneous moments of excellence from our little creative hub.

Sportsgirl Queensland Product Launch

It was always looming as a tough gig, but someone had to do it when 150 very fashionable butterflies fluttered into Lightspace for the Sportsgirl Queensland product launch.  Suffice to say it all went beautifully, with some kicking music, in-house fashion styled visuals and of course, the Sportsgirls themselves.  The venue has never looked so good!  Even the local police couldn’t resist the allure, and made a fleeting visit to politely ask for the bass to be toned down.  Check out www.sportsgirl.com.au for all the latest in the Youniverse…